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The Baltic Wool Business platform is intended to facilitate contact between businesses in the wool processing chain and encourage cooperation within the wool value chain.

The platform was first presented officially at the Baltic Wool Conference October 7-8 2021.

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About Baltic Wool Business

The platform is part of the Baltic Wool Cooperation project funded by The Swedish Institute with The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society on Gotland as lead partner.

In addition to the platform, based on inventories of wool processing industries in the area, the project also contains networking initiatives between the countries around the Baltic Sea. We want to make it easier for companies to find other companies in the wool processing industry, for example spinning mills, knitting mills, weaving mills and other processes.

Baltic Wool Cooperation is a parallell project to the Baltic Wool Conference and will contain networking and an inventory in the Baltic Sea region outlining the wool processing industries in the region, for example the mills capacity, machinery and quality/quantities produced. Networks and new cooperations will be built between businesses working with sheep wool during the 18 months of the project.

This platform is an inventory of wool processing industries on the Baltic Sea region to make it easier for businesses to find each other for cooperation.

Partners in Sweden

  • Region Gotland/Gotlands Museum/Gotlands Fornvänner
  • The NationalSwedish Handicraft Council (NFH)
  • Ullkontoret/Wool Scouring company Gotland

Project partners in Estonia and Poland

  • The Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, and
  • The University of Bielsko-Biala, Institute of Textile Engineering and Polymer Materials.
  • The University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

More information

Do you want to join us or have more information, look under Contacts to find a person in our partner regions to help you with information about how to join.


Fredrik Lindqvist, Koeda Studio

Fia Söderberg, Ullförmedlingen