Åddebo ull


Welcome to Åddebo ull on the Hållnäs peninsula. Here you will find a wool carding mill and a farm shop were we sell carded wool and the tools you need for felting. Since 1990 we have been buying wool from Swedish sheep farmers who believe in good animal husbandry and produce pedigree wool of the finest quality. We also perform pay carding for the customers who want their own wool carded and returned. Wool has a wide range of good and useful properties which we are proud to uphold in the wool roving which we sell both dyed and undyed. The wool rooving are approx 140 cm x 150 cm and weighs about 1 kg. We also sell undyed and uncarded wool, locks of fine wool, and wool for stuffing. We also have tools such as hand carders, felting needles, hat blocks and spindles in our shop.

Company info

Åddebo ull
VAT: 916672052501
Åddebo 118
819 65 Hållnäs

Production capacity

150 kg per year

Minimum order

For orders under SEK 400 a fee for SEK 35 will be added. For pay carding we need minimum 6.5 kg of each color.