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Norilia AS


The Wool Departement in Norilia collect, grade and sell Norwegian Wool. We cooperate with our sister company Curtis Wool Direct Ltd to scour and comb wool in the UK. Norilia was founded in order to take care of and utilize side-streams, or plus-products as we call it, from the meat and egg industry, to contribute to a sustainable and profitable agriculture. Our mission is to ensure that the whole animal – all available resources - is used for products the world can benefit from and enjoy. Our business is based on raw materials from the Norwegian farmer cooperative Nortura and independent abattoirs in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Norilia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nortura. Nortura is one of Norway's largest food manufacturers, and the leading brand supplier of meat, processed products, and eggs to the Norwegian marke. Nortura is organized as a cooperative owned by more than 17,000 Norwegian farmers.

Company info

Marion Tviland
VAT: 995 643 316
Lørenveien 37
0585 Oslo