Wool Collecting

Swedish Fibre


Webshop selling raw fiber, washed wool, roving & yarn from Sweden's rare sheep breeds. In January 2000, Sandy moved from the USA to Sweden. Her passion for knitting and wool naturally evolved into her becoming a spinner. After encountering a friend's passion for her Swedish sheep and their wool, she was moved to share a piece of these delightful Swedish sheep with the world and reclaim some of the 75-80% of Swedish wool that is thrown away every year. To be able to supply her customers with the best fleeces, she works closely with her suppliers, selecting individual fleeces and is often able to provide the name or ID number of the sheep, together with the information of the farm that delivered the wool. In her web shop, she carries raw and washed wool, carded batts/sliver and, on occasion, even yarn made out of Swedish wool.

Company info

Sandra (Sandy) Zetterlund
VAT: SE570717974201
Jordbrovägen 15
668 32 Ed